Wool Exhibition

I held a mini exhibition at my University focusing on wool with the aim of raising awareness of its value, as i think it is greatly overlooked and under appreciated. Wool is a versatile and environmentally friendly resource, and causes no harm to the sheep. Shearing the sheep is like having a full body hair cut; it is also very good for the sheep’s health. 

Over the last couple of summers I have worked on a family sheep farm, along side my boyfriend and his uncle. This was where my love of wool, and the inspiration of this project, started. In this project i wanted to express my passion for farming and celebrate British sheep, British wool and British rare breeds. As knitting and felting become more popular there’s a gathering momentum of the appreciation of real wool, and I want to help fan theflames of this resurgence. I have experimented with different craft processes involving wool, particularly focusing on needle felting for this mini wool exhibition.

The Campaign for Wool commissioned me to create a linoprint, which they then offered the original artwork as a prize in a social media competition, thus creating publicity for my exhibition